10 Cats Who Are So Hysterical When They Realized What Happen At The Vet’s Office


Cats are not scared of anything, except for the vets. There is something about the vet’s clinic that make the cats want to stay far away from them. Well, this is one thing about cats that is not difficult to understand. Everyone is scared of going to the doctor and cats are no different in this respect. So the cat hoomans have to use different ways to convince their cats to visit the vet.

Here are some cats who are so hysterical when they realized what happen at the vet’s office. Have a look at these cats and you will know how scared cats get when their hoomans take them to the vet!


The moment your cat realizes that you are taking him to the vet and he has no excuse to run away. “You are supposed to inform me beforehand. I have to make plans to run away.”


“Why do you even need to take me to the vet? Let’s skip it. I am purrfectly fine.”


The moment you tell your cat that it is time to visit the vet, this is how he will react. Cats are not scared of anything, but the vets. Cats don’t trust them at all.


Cats remain in a state of shock for some time after a visit to the vet. “What have you done to me, hooman? Look what I have become!”


The shock on your cat’s face when he realizes that you are taking him to the vet.

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Cats will always get surprised when you will tell them that it’s time to visit the vet. They can never accept the fact that they too need to visit the vet sometimes.


When your cat starts trusting you, but you tell him that it’s time to visit the vet.


Finding a place to hide is what cats do when their hoomans tell them that they are going to the vet.


When your cat thinks that it’s festive time and you won’t take him to the vet, but the opposite happens. “Why do you even call it a holiday when the vet’s clinic is open!”


This cat is doing his best to hide away when his hooman wants to take him to the vet.


The only time that cats don’t feel like living is when it’s time to visit the vet. “See you on the other side, hooman. It’s time for me to leave for the good.”

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