10 Cats That Crossed The Line And Couldn’t Care Less


Time and again cats have proved that they hardly care about what others think. If they feel that it is important to leave a mark, they will do so. Even if it means crossing a line, it doesn’t matter to them.

We have a collection of some pawsome cats that showed how beautiful things can be by crossing some lines. After all, cats always want to make things better for us. Have a look at these cats and you will know for yourself!


When your cat has to approve every food you make and sometimes it ends up like this.


You should feel blessed because the goddess of creativity herself came down to your home. Also, cats don’t care whose home it is. If they think they belong there, they just do.


The work is incomplete without the finishing touches of a cat.


“My kitty wanted to participate too. He made sure that everyone knows who the special cook was.”


Came across a historical book and look what I found. Cats have been the truest companions of humans since a long time.

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Cats always made sure that they leave their mark wherever they go. It is a great thing because now we know what all they have been up to. Felines are huge believers of doing things together. So everyone should make their contribution. It doesn’t matter how small it is. Well, cats have really been teaching us a lot since years. We are really grateful to cats.


When you think cats can’t do something, they prove you wrong. In fact, they go on to do things that you can’t even imagine.


Everything looks better with a cat paw. Agreed?


When you think that your work is complete, but the cat shows you how it’s actually done.


This piece belongs to roman roofing and it is thousands of years old. Cats have always been spying on us.


Water in any form is a big no for cats. Some have to courage to at least try.

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