10+ Cats Prove That They Have The Best Sense Of Humor


Life can be pretty tough without cats. Even though cats are the cause of all troubles, they are joy makers nonetheless. We know that the cat owners must be nodding their head after reading this. It’s good to feel your life’s emptiness with cats. The felines cheer you up on bad days and make you laugh hard on the good ones. These cats just proved that it’s good to have a cat in your life despite the mess they create. We bet they will definitely brighten your boring life. Have a look!

#1 “My hooman doesn’t trust me anymore. I will have to soon throw the dog out of his life”

#2 Some cats like to judge, but don’t like it when others say a word about them.

#3 When your cat thinks you got him a new toy, but then you tell him the truth.

#4 Some cats won’t leave till the time you let them in. But once you let them in, they are never leaving.

#5 These kittens were bored of their hooman, so they found a new one.

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#6 When you have too much work, go to sleep instead. You won’t be able to complete your work anyway.

#7 When you try to get away from all the trouble that your cat can cause, but end up with other cat issues instead. There is no getting away in such a scenario.

#8 “I was not able to find my cat anywhere. Then suddenly, I witnessed this.” Cats can get pretty scary at times.

#9 Origin of the selfie debunked! Cats are already an expert of selfies.

#10 Your fur ball will not let you be alone in any situation. This one melted our hearts.

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