10 Cats on Tumblr That Will Make You Do A Belly Laugh


Cats know how to make anyone people laugh and they don’t even have to make any efforts to do the same. The way the cats act all the time is enough to crack anyone up. You can hate cats or love them, but your can’t stop them from making you laugh. If the felines want to make you laugh, they will and you have no option. Many cat hoomans share hilarious story of their hoomans. You just won’t be able to stop laughing once you look at these pictures.

Here are cats on Tumblr that will make you do a belly laugh. Have a look at these cats and you will definitely have a good laugh!


When your cat looks at you like this, there is something that he wants from you.


When the cat hooman wants to stay near his hooman and away from water, this is what they would do to stay safe.


Cats don’t stop till the time they achieve what they want.


Cats can appear from anywhere they like. You can’t control a cat. If a cat likes to hide somewhere, it won’t ask his hooman.


When your cat finally achieves what he has been trying to do achieve something for so long. “You couldn’t have stopped me anyways.”

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Cats have a different sense of confidence. You can’t scare away a cat or stop him from achieving what he wants. The felines don’t have to think before doing what they want. They just jump into what they want to achieve. Cats are not afraid of anything. Once they decide to achieve something, they jump right into it.


When you try to impose your fashion sense on your cat and he hates you for this.


Watching a cat sleep like a ball is some other type of satisfaction.


This cat had no clue why he has been roaming around, so he sat down at one place.


These cats are in a competition to reach the top of the building. Who do you think will win?


When you are rethinking your life choices and don’t know what to do next.

Don’t forget to share this hilarious cat story with your family and friends! Cats are fun to be with and their story should be shared with everyone. The more you share, the more smiles you put on everyone’s face.

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